If I’m a Nugget anything — fan, season-ticket holder, owner, coach, even just someone with Nugget in his name, like Saul Snuggetstein — I’d be embarrassed by the Nuggets.
Ty Lawson, of course, embodies this. Since his derailed travel plans after the all-star break, the face of the franchise has averaged 9.8 points per game. In Sunday’s loss to New Orleans, Lawson finished with five points and six shot attempts. He was minus-10, while opposing guard Tyreke Evans was plus-17 with 22 points. Now, the Pelicans aren’t bad — they’re in playoff contention — but on Sunday they were without superstar Anthony Davis, as well as Jrue Holiday (15.2 ppg) and Ryan Anderson (14.6 ppg). The way Denver played down the stretch, New Orleans could have played Jamaal Magloire and probably won.
Clearly, the next coach of the Denver Nuggets will need to maximize the home-court advantage that Pepsi Center provides. The Nuggets have lost 10 straight games at home. Two seasons ago, Denver lost three home games total.
At practice Monday, both Lawson and coach Brian Shaw responded to The Denver Post’s piece , reported that during last Friday’s game, the players broke a huddle by saying: “1-2-3 … 6 weeks!” This is in reference to the dismal season finally ending in just six weeks.
Lawson and Shaw steadfastly said the time duration was in reference to the last time Denver won a home game — and thus it was a rallying cry.
Duly noted.
Still, what a mess. I think the people I feel most bad for are the Altitude broadcasters. Since their company is Kroenke-owned, they can’t be truly critical of the Nuggets, even when the Nuggets look like the 2002 Nuggets. On Sunday, Denver lost by “only” seven points and Altitude’s Todd Romero opened the postgame show with: “Nuggets with a solid effort. … Some great moments. … But in the end, just not quite enough, 99-92 is the final.”
On Monday, I saw this quote via The Washington Post from Wizards post player Nene: “I don’t want to talk about the Bulls. You know I hate them. You can put that.”
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