Leonardo Daniel Roman Zapien faces charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, armed robbery and theft of a means of transportation.(Photo: Glendale Police Department)

Two Colorado men who came to Arizona looking to buy a car at a local auction instead had to escape a Glendale home after they were bound and held inside a house in which they were staying, authorities said.

The two men, one 35 and the other 48, were staying near 71st Avenue and Bethany Home Road while they waited for the auction to open, said Sgt. John Roth, a Glendale police spokesman.

At some point, two men who were already at the home — a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old — bound the out-of-towners with tape and held them against their will, Roth said.  

Roth said one of the victims managed to free himself from his bindings and fled. The other victim took his chance to flee as the two suspects tried unsuccessfully to recapture the other man. Both victims called police about 2:30 a.m. — one from a neighboring home and the other from a nearby convenience store, Roth said.

A Glendale police squad car is parked on North 71st Avenue near where police say two kidnapped men escaped captivity. (Photo: Perry Vandell/The Republic)

After the two victims described their captors, police found two men who fit their descriptions driving in the area and took them into custody after a traffic stop, Roth added.

The 19-year-old was identified as Leonardo Daniel Roman Zapien; police did not release the name of the juvenile suspect.

Both were charged with counts of kidnapping, aggravated assault, armed robbery, and theft of means of transportation.

The Colorado men told police that other people were in the home from which they escaped, as well as a weapon — possibly a handgun. A SWAT team entered the home Wednesday

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