2 Colorado officers taken hostage feared execution, investigators say By Geoff Liesik
March 12th, 2015 @ 7:54pm

BLUE MOUNTAIN, Colorado — Daily life for Lou Dean Jacobs is fairly routine in this remote and rugged place along the Colorado-Utah border.

She works on her latest book and takes her dogs — a border collie named Tuck Everlasting and a stray mutt named Keeper — for long walks every afternoon. That was her plan on Monday, until she heard a gunshot west of her home just before 2:30 p.m.

“I really didn’t think a lot about that,” said Jacobs, who prefers to be called Lou Dean. “There can be a lot of incidents around here where they have to shoot a deer or something that’s been hit on the highway.”

Lou Dean said she looked in the direction of the gunshot and could see a couple vehicles parked in the sagebrush near a barbed wire fence that surrounds the K Ranch. At first she thought they belonged to ranch employees, she said, so she drove up to talk to them.

“But as I got closer, I recognized the wildlife officer’s pickup and thought, ‘This isn’t who I thought it was,’ ” Lou Dean said.

Then she saw Colorado Parks and Wildlife district manager Nathan Martinez standing with his gun pointed toward the ground. Martinez called out to her.

“Nate, the wildlife officer, said, ‘This is a bad situation, and we just need your help,’ ” Lou Dean recalled Thursday.

Minutes earlier, Martinez and Moffat County sheriff’s deputy Bhrent Shock had overpowered a Mississippi couple who had disarmed them and taken them hostage, according to court records. Martinez was pointing his gun at Georgie Louise Hand, having just shot and killed her husband, James Brent Damon.

“There was blood, and there were guns on the ground,” Lou Dean said. “I mean, it’s just the last thing you expect to see on Blue Mountain.”

Martinez and Shock had responded to investigate a trespassing report involving a white Ford Explorer parked on private property north of U.S. 40 near Dinosaur, Colorado, authorities said.

Hand, 43, told investigators she and Damon, 46, were … – Click Here To Visit Article Source