The Asheville Tourists were monsters in all aspects of the game of baseball on their way to winning the South Atlantic League championship. Purple Row takes a look at the offensive stand-outs. It was all of them.

The Asheville Tourist hitters were really, really, good in 2014. No reason to be much more clever than that.

You don’t win a baseball championship in any league in any level without contributions from a lot of guys and Asheville was no exception. Their South Atlantic League championship came with so many stand-out performances that the term becomes ironic. Try not to get too excited.

Wait, what the hell am I saying? Of course you should be excited. Check this out.

Raimel Tapia (OF, 20): .326/.382/.453, 9 HR, 33 SB, 134 wRC+

The player I once called “a blank canvass you can dream on” is beginning to take shape in recognizable and tantalizing form.

Raimel Tapia, depending on who you ask, is either the most exciting position player prospect in the Rockies system or the recipient of far too much hype. One of the main reasons for hesitation is his unusual batting stance quirk: an exaggerated crouch that he regularly but not constantly employs.

The other primary criticism lies in his less than stellar on-base numbers which can be disconcerting for a skinny kid who has yet display consistent power. When seeing him in person, his approach reminded me of two other left-handed hitters and so I ran some numbers.

Player A: .326 BA, 6.5 BB%, 16.7K%, .382 OBP

Player B: .295 BA, 5.2 BB%, 10.8 K%, .343 OBP

Player C: .317 BA, 5.8 BB%, 14.7 K%, .369 OBP

Player A, you probably realized by now, is Raimel Tapia this year in Asheville. The other guys numbers are for their rather long MLB careers and so are not directly comparable but both …read more