If you put on a Grand Junction Rockies uniform and picked up a bat this year, chances are you did pretty well. Here is an in-depth look at the Colorado Rockies Rookie league position players who stood out. There are a lot of them.

Everything you are about to read should be taken with a big fat grain of salt.

Do grains of salt come in sizes?

If you are reading a prospect review on a Colorado Rockies blog in October, then you are probably aware that Rookie-level stats don’t tell the full story. The following is a good place for the conversations about these players to start, not for them to end. But remember, too, that no baseball diamond anywhere makes this game easy and you have to crawl before you can walk.

It is still better to have great stats at any level than not, and the hitters in Grand Junction put up some numbers worth paying attention to.

“There are more position players who can play on this team than I’ve ever seen,” says Grand Junction Rockies radio play-by-play man Adam Spolane.

Tony Diaz, the team’s developmental supervisor agrees.“Position player-wise, probably,” he says, “because we can almost put two teams of talented young kids out there every night. So yeah, the depth, the youth, and the talent has been phenomenal.”

A quick trip to the team’s Fangraphs page (which still has them listed as the Casper Ghosts, by the way) backs that up.

So, who are these guys?

The Veterans

Dom Nunez: .313/.384/.517, 8 HR, 5 SB, 129 wRC+

Nunez is the most advanced player who suited up for the Grand Junction Rockies in 2014. His mature approach at the plate came to fruition after a difficult season last year. His move back to catcher paid dividends immediately and his work back …read more