The Grand Junction Rockies pitching staff, and more specifically the bullpen, has some potential, but nothing to get too excited about … yet.

The Grand Junction Rockies pitching staff isn’t quite as exciting as the position player side of the roster.

A few of the young pitchers showed dominance, but aside from the brief cup of coffee that Kyle Freeland spent in the town of two rivers, no one could honestly be called dominant. Still, there are a few names worth discussing that may blossom into real gems for this farm system.

Carlos Polanco: 5.62 ERA, 7.88 K/9, 3.23 BB/9, 75.1 IP

Polanco is still very raw at 20-years old but showed flashes of overpowering stuff. His fastball, though it has the tendency to find too much plate, too high in the strike zone, can sit in the high 90s which can set up for some high strike out totals.

The team’s defacto ace was brilliant in his first start of the season, tossing six shutout innings, giving up only one hit, and striking out nine batters in six innings pitched. He had a double-digit strikeout performance on August 16th when he struck out ten batters in just six innings.

Naturally, the walks and general lack of pitch economy kept him from pitching deep into games regularly. He is definitely still a project but their is a lot of potential and natural gifts that cannot be taught in this kid. Coaches speak highly of his work ethic, his quickly developing English (which can do worlds of good for communicating with teammates and coaches) and his positive attitude. If he can learn to locate, he becomes a prospect to watch out for.

Javier Palacios: 6.21 ERA, 6.64 K/9, 2.07 BB/9, 82.2 IP

Cross apply everything I said about Carlos Polanco: great stuff, iffy location, flashes of dominance, …read more