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From a press release:

3BUDS, a “farm to table cannabinoid company specializing in Delta 8 and other rare hemp derivatives,” held a grand opening for their third dispensary on Jan. 11, the first of its kind on Public Square in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

3BUDS is a full service public dispensary offering high-quality hemp and cannabis derivatives, custom formulated tinctures, and more to tailor to everyone’s specific needs.

Previously only dealing in online sales and festivals, 3BUDS LLC grew to offer two permanent brick and mortar locations to its clients – one in Wyoming, which opened in 2020, and another in Scranton, which just opened last year.

With the small online retailer now expanding into multiple physical locations, 3BUDS is stocking other local brands to try to help its peers who may be suffering due to the impact of the coronavirus.

On the company’s grand opening, 3BUDS co-owner Colby Kluk said, “It has been a wild ride this year, but thanks to the overwhelming support of our clients and the dedication of our team, 3BUDS was able to continue steady growth. We look forward

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