One position absent from the Broncos current roster is fullback. Sure, they could use running back Juwan Thompson at fullback if need be. They could also use tight end Virgil Green.
Green said on Tuesday that playing fullback isn’t at the top of his list. “I’m always down to do anything. Fullback, I don’t too much like fullback, but it’s something that I’ve got to do and I don’t mind playing at any position. You put me at guard, I’m going to do it. It doesn’t matter to me.”
The best option for the Broncos could be to add a veteran fullback like John Conner.
Built like a human tank, Conner measures in at 5’11”, 245 pounds and can run over opponents with natural violence. He won’t touch the ball much as a runner (only 27 career carries) or a receiver (only 12 career receptions), but Conner will blast open holes for the running back lined up behind him.
General manager John Elway made it clear to me the Broncos need a fullback. After his press conference at the combine earlier this year, I talked to him privately.
“You’ve got to have ‘21’ personnel, you have to have someone at fullback. Whether it be a fullback or a combination of a ‘Y’ fullback or something, we’re going to have someone playing fullback,” Elway said.
We know the need is there, and the Broncos may decide that bringing in a cheap veteran fullback is the best way to fill it.
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