Metabolism slows with age, so you may feel high for longer. It is also important to take current medications into consideration.

Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946-1964, are circling back to marijuana, becoming known as “Boomerangers”. If this is you, you’re likely giving yourself permission to enjoy old and new ways of consuming cannabis, both recreationally and for the management of pain, anxiety and insomnia. But today’s cannabis products are undoubtedly more potent than the weaker “grass” you may have experimented with in their younger years.

Besides treading lightly to prevent potential anxiety, paranoia or physical instability, it’s advised you plan your cannabis experimentations when you’re free of other obligations and comfortable in your pleasantly prepared environment. Also, this may sound obvious, but it’s always recommended for those who’ve taken a long hiatus to avoid consuming too much their first time back in a crowded environment, such as a concert.

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