The NHL has announced the schedule for the upcoming 2018-2019 season, including the 82 games the Colorado Avalanche will play between October and April.

The Avs revealed their path through the regular season in unique fashion, sharing this video on Twitter.

A Quick Breakdown

The Avalanche will play Central Division rivals Chicago Blackhawks (3 home, 2 away) and Winnipeg Jets (2 home, 3 away) five times each next season, the most against any team. There will be four games (2 home, 2 away) against each of the four remaining Central teams (Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, and St. Louis Blues). There will be three games between each of the eight Pacific Division opponents, and finally a home-and-home against all 16 teams in the Eastern Conference.

Visually, the NHL breaks it down as follows:

Colorado Avalanche – Central Division – 7 teams Within Division

2 Home, 2 Away
Dallas, Minnesota, Nashville, St. Louis (4)

3 Home, 2 Away
Chicago (1)

2 Home, 3 Away
Winnipeg (1)

Within Conference (Non-Division)

2 Home, 1 Away
Edmonton, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Vegas (4)

1 Home, 2 Away
Anaheim, Arizona, Calgary, San Jose (4)


1 Home, 1 Away
Boston, Buffalo, Carolina, Columbus, Detroit, Florida, Montreal, New Jersey, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Washington (16)


The odd home and away schedule between Chicago, Winnipeg, and the Pacific Division dpesn’t appear to be anything unfair. Colorado, a strong team at home, will get two cracks at the Western Conference Champion Vegas Golden Knights next season, which should be a bonus to them. However, they will have to play three games in Winnipeg, not fun.

The Avalanche will have 11 back-to-backs next season, three of which will be in November alone. Aside from that month, which is early in the year, the Avalanche basically get

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