Authorities say Dynel Lane, of Colorado, is accused of luring a pregnant woman to her home with a Craigslist ad and removing an unborn baby from her womb. (AP) Perhaps the most shocking element of Wednesday’s tragic events in Longmont, Colo., where a mother allegedly cut a baby from a 26-year-old pregnant woman, is that it wasn’t an isolated incident. The details defy imagination. In early afternoon, a 911 call came into local authorities. “She cut me,” a voice said on the other end. “I’m pregnant.” Then shortly afterward, a black-haired woman named Dynel Lane arrived at a nearby hospital. Bundled in her arms was a baby. Lane said she had miscarried, and the baby soon died. But authorities said she was lying. [Pregnant Colorado woman stabbed, her baby ‘removed,’ after answering Craigslist ad] This inconceivable scenario makes more sense considered through the lens of an extremely rare but recurring phenomenon known among forensic scientists as Cesarean kidnapping or fetal abduction. It has roots in an earlier rash of kidnappings in the 1990s, when a string of baby snatchers descended upon North American hospitals and made off with infants. But as hospitals adopted to the troubling trend, installing more secure tracking measures, the phenomenon took a gruesome turn, experts said. The urge to slice a child from another woman comes from a place of such desperation, such need, that desire solidifies into action, wrote Connecticut psychologist Theresa Porter, who has published a number of academic articles about infanticide and “neonaticide.” The women who do these sort of things aren’t insane, she said. Quite the contrary. They recognize a want — and act upon it. “These women don’t simply want a baby; they need one in order to secure all the rewards and privileges of motherhood,” she wrote. “These women so desired the attention, care and love that society gives pregnant women and new mothers that they were willing to kill to obtain it.” There’s no shortage of examples. In 2004, a Missouri woman killed a pregnant woman and then removed her baby. In 2008, a Seattle woman attacked … – Click Here To Visit Article Source