INDIANAPOLIS — – In any breakup, there is usually not one reason. but many. There is not one side to the story, but two – even three or more in today’s social media world that draws, if not invites, outsiders to weigh in.The Broncos and their two-time Pro Bowl tight end Julius Thomas haven’t formally split, but they seem to be headed their separate ways. Neither side has said much about how their contract negotiations fractured, but Thomas in recent months has received unflattering commentary from bloggers and tweeters.”The Broncos came to me, we tried to get it done, it didn’t work,” Frank Bauer, Thomas’ agent, said before the annual players’ union-agent meeting Friday. “Does Julius love Denver? Yes. Does Julius love the fans there? No question. Does he love the organization and the community? Look at what he does for kids in that town.”But for some reason people are trying to tear him down. In my opinion what they’re doing by tearing him down is pushing him away.”Thomas will become an unrestricted free agent on March 10. While it’s possible the Broncos will revisit negotiations, no talks are scheduled. The Broncos had tried to work out a contract extension with Thomas last summer. Talks broke off with the team’s latest extension offer coming in at five years, $40 million, or $8 million a year. It would have made him the league’s third-highest-paid tight end, behind only Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski. That’s the team’s view.However, the Broncos also wanted to keep Thomas’ 2014 salary at $645,000. So another way to look at the deal was six years and $40.645 million, or $6.77 million a year. That would have ranked No. 9 in average value among tight ends. That’s the player’s view.It’s also beside the point.”The main thing was the structure,” Bauer said. “In any contract in the National Football League, it all has to do with how the guarantees are written. Are there full skill/injury/cap guarantees? Or are they conditional? There are clubs that do it the old way. And they’re getting their players done and keeping their own.” … – Click Here To Visit Article Source