For the past few weeks, Chennai has witnessed heavy rainfall occasionally, which has led to the increase in canine parvovirus cases reported in the city since June.

Canine Parvovirus

Canine parvovirus, commonly known as parvo, is one of the most contagious viruses dogs could contract and is more prevalent among puppies and adolescent ones.

Over time, it has become a threat to the life of the canines, as it is hard to kill once infected dogs shed it. Fortunately, it is preventable with proper vaccination – the parvo vaccine.

But stray dogs are left to fend for themselves and suffer from a lack of proper veterinary treatment. However, this Chennai-based animal dispensary has taken it upon itself to vaccinate these living beings.

Vaccinate, Rehabilitate Strays

Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary has been working to address this gap for years. The dispensary is home to hundreds of dogs and tries its best to provide them with the best lives, The New Indian Express reported.

To avoid the spread of infection among stray, the clinic has been vaccinating them against the virus.

Speaking to the media, the dispensary’s senior veterinarian, R Sooraj Mohan, informed that the virus is endemic in South India. Even vaccinated dogs carry

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