A small market team that hasn’t done much winning the last 20 years barely gets into the playoffs and runs through the teams put in front of them on their way to the World Series. If you said that first sentence describes the Kansas City Royals, you’d be right. If you said that first sentence describes the Colorado Rockies back in 2007, you’d be right. Therefore, using some algebraic conversion, could you say this year’s Royals are ’07’s Rockies?

The Royals are only one game away from sweeping their way into the World Series. If they win today’s game, they’ll be only the second team in MLB history to sweep the division series and the championship series. The first? The 2007 Colorado Rockies.

Even Todd Helton likened the Royals’ run to Rocktober in an interview with MLB.com. It certainly seems as the two teams share a number of things in common, but are they the same team?

The ’07 Rockies were, for the most part, a young team with a key veteran leader. Todd Helton was that guy for the Rox, Billy Butler is that guy for the Royals. The stats may not be where they could have been for either, but they didn’t have to. Where the Rockies had Matt Holliday (who should’ve been the MVP that year), the Royals have the combined production of Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon in the outfield.

The lineups were similar. The defense was similar — but the Royals are making a very strong case that theirs is better. The pitching is clearly …read more