It’s time for our picks for the best cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles for 2021.

The world’s biggest legal cannabis market is also a discerning one. As more and more entrepreneurs head to L.A. to stake a claim on a piece of the cannabis market, the consumer base stomps on their Chadian dreams. 

People just show up and think weed is easy if you have the money to pull it off, and those that live by those beliefs have learned many expensive lessons in recent years. Nevertheless, it’s fair to suggest the suffering and failures make it easier to appreciate those who do it well. Those people that grow good pot for others to enjoy after they’ve been reasonably compensated for their work. 

These people don’t build their brands around where weed will be in a decade, but more so where the quality is in this moment. Are there people on this list that any competent hedge fund manager would love to get a piece of? Sure. But it’s not because they are the kind of people that built those entities in the first place. It’s just that their product drives so much excitement others are forced to take notice. 

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