Such elements drive foot traffic to the shop, while a QR code unlocks a microsite that tells Gorilla Rx’s story.

“We needed the campaign to manifest as part of the local community,” Decoded strategy chief Valerie Nguyen tells Muse. “While we’d love to have made a beautiful film, that feels like it would be serving the agency’s interests more than the business at this moment. As many global and national brands are trying to figure out how to add value to communities, it was refreshing and exciting to work with a brand that was conceived as truly community-first from the beginning.”

Decoded developed the work as part of its BIPOC small-business accelerator program, which awards companies $20,000 in media costs and other services.

“At its core, this campaign is conceived as a rally cry to uplift, support and drive more business to Black women, who aren’t given proper credit for their impact on the cannabis industry and culture,” Nguyen.

In crafting the campaign, Decoded drew inspiration from the uplifting and relentlessly badass spirit of Gorilla Rx founder Kika Keith. An activist, mother of three and serial entrepreneur, Keith also helms the Life Development Group and the Social Equity Owners and Workers

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