KUSA – I like it when people boast how long they’ve been a Bronco fan.

They always include a story. My parents’ friends would drive me down from Cheyenne, Wyoming for games at old Mile High Stadium. There was only one ticket available, I’d go in by myself as a sophomore and junior in high school and watch the game. (As told by Jay Kornegay, top oddsmaker who runs the Las Vegas Westgate Super Book).

I loved Orange Crush soda pop as a kid growing up in the Midwest and decided to make the Broncos my team. (A kid, can’t remember his name, during a sandlot game in my old Illinois neighborhood.)
I started rooting for them when John Elway came through with “The Drive,’’ or another told me it was when Terrell Davis waltzed through the sagging and surrendering Green Bay defensive line for the go-ahead touchdown in Super Bowl XXXII. (Some fans are younger than others).

I went to my first game in 1965. The Broncos were so bad, hardly anybody went to their games, so they’d give away free tickets to high school football teams. (Young man at Shawn Gillis’ birthday party Friday night).

These stories have manifested into our second Broncos Quiz. It’s a tough one so all you have to do is correctly answer four of the 9 questions to call yourself a diehard Broncos fan for life:

1. Jerry Rice retired with 1,549 receptions, 22,895 receiving yards and 208 overall touchdowns in 20 seasons – NFL records that still stand 14 years later. And the GOAT would have tacked on greater stats in a 21st NFL season with the Broncos in 2005 had he not been beat out for the No. 3 receiver position.

Who sent Rice into retirement by beating him out for that

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