Three Mississippi, two Mississippi, one Mississippi … Ready or not, Demaryius Thomas, here come the Broncos.Regardless of how overpowering Thomas may be on the field, the Broncos will catch him in the game of franchise tag Monday, and he will be “it” in a bargaining move that all but ensures the team of retaining their star wide receiver for the 2015 season.Specifically, the Broncos are expected to use the “nonexclusive” tag on Thomas. The team could have used the “exclusive” tag that would have prohibited the player from negotiating with other NFL teams.The “nonexclusive” tag makes it possible for other teams to negotiate with Thomas, although the Broncos would have the right to match any offer. Moreover, should the Broncos decide against matching an offer, the team signing away Thomas would have to compensate Denver with two first-round draft picks.In other words, the cost of another team signing away Thomas is so costly, he is certain to be with the Broncos in 2015. The “nonexclusive” designation is the most common tag. The Dallas Cowboys will also use the “nonexclusive” designation Monday on their star wide receiver, Dez Bryant, who was selected two slots behind Thomas in the first round of the 2010 draft.Neither Thomas, 27, nor his agent, Todd France, could be reached for comment Sunday, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if the three-time Pro Bowler protested by not signing his franchise tag designation until the July 15 deadline. That would keep Thomas away from the team’s offseason program that will run from mid-April until mid-June. It would also allow him to skip the mandatory minicamp in June without penalty.
The franchise tag has been around since the advent of NFL free agency in 1993. Its primary intent is to prevent the richer, bigger-market teams from having a competitive advantage against the smaller-market, cash-strapped teams.There is a compliment in the tag. The Broncos have 12 free-agent players this year, and only Thomas is the chosen one. The franchise tag will present Thomas with a guaranteed one-year salary of $12.797 million (based on the projected $143 million salary cap) for the 2015 season.Meanwhile, other … – Click Here To Visit Article Source