Since 2011, Dr. Rav Ivker has seen nearly 8,000 medical marijuana patients at his holistic medicine practice in Boulder. Over that same period, Ivker has been in steady contact with David Threlfall, owner of Denver dispensary Trill Evolutions and Boulder’s Trill Alternatives, meeting regularly to exchange information gathered from MMJ patient feedback.

In September 2017, Ivker published a book called Cannabis for Chronic Pain, which detailed MMJ prescriptions for the treatment of various pain conditions. In addition to feedback from his own patients, Ivker credits Threlfall’s patient data from his Trill dispensaries for aiding in his medical cannabis education. “They don’t teach this stuff in medical school,” Ivker explains.

Ivker and Threlfall met shortly after Ivker established his practice in Boulder. “It was probably that first year, 2011. I had patients who went [to Trill Alternatives], and then I went and visited myself,” Ivker remembers. “And I was very impressed with the service that they were providing.”

During a Westword visit to Trill Evolutions in north Denver, a customer was speaking with a budtender at the counter about CBD. Threlfall approached, asking the customer, a man in his sixties, a series of questions about why he wanted to purchase CBD products. “What are you dealing with?” Threlfall asked. “What are you taking now, anything? What are you looking to use cannabis for?”

Dr. Rav Ivker

Courtesy of Dr. Rav Ivker

Grabbing an armful of products and a piece of paper, Threlfall wrote as his client spoke about his bladder cancer and resulting chemotherapy treatment. After suggesting several combinations of CBD and THC products, Threlfall instructed the shopper to keep a diary and offered to put him in touch with another cancer patient who had gone through similar treatment. Trill budtenders are trained to take this meticulous approach also,

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