Tyler Matzek is among the Rockies pitchers hoping that the changeup is a pitch that can neutralize hitters at Coors Field.(Photo: Lenny Ignelzi, AP)Note: USA TODAY Sports’ Paul White, via car, causeway, plane and rail, will reach every major league camp this spring.Follow his exploits on Twitter — @PBJWhite- as he makes his way through the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues before imparting all you didn’t know about every team right here.Today: Colorado RockiesSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Discussion of the Colorado Rockies’ offense can be dispensed with quickly.If the bodies are healthy, the bats are healthy. Keep studs Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez plus budding star Nolan Arenado on the field all season – the trio averaged 91 games last year – and all should be well.Now, as for discussion of the pitching … Stop!That’s been talked about, dissected and experimented with every which way since the mile-high franchise first hit the field 22 years ago.Know what they’re saying now?”We really don’t talk about pitching at altitude,” says Zach Wilson, who’s taken over as player development director because he predecessor, Jeff Bridich, was promoted to general manager. “People outside the organization talk about it a lot more than we do. We just talk about pitching.”Not only is pitching a mile above sea level not to be an excuse, a reason or a rationale, the official position is that it’s the Rockies’ version of Green Bay’s frozen tundra.”Coors Field is the greatest home advantage in the league,” Wilson says. “We don’t really talk about altitude much. A lot of people outside do. The guys who think about pitching at Coors Field are the ones who are going to find trouble. The guys who go into it with a sense of no fear and knowing they have the stuff and the mindset to compete, they do just fine.”Really? After all this time and those inflated ERAs? And pitchers moaning about difficulty gripping the ball or making breaking balls do what they’re supposed to do?”I scouted Colorado for a long time,” Wilson says. “I saw plenty of high school and college pitchers get it done there with execution. I saw plenty of good breaking balls coming out of high school pitchers. I think it’s about a mindset. It’s not about how the ball plays or anything like that.”Still, Rockies pitchers are turning an increased emphasis on the … – Click Here To Visit Article Source