On both sides of some areas of the U.S.-Canada border, cannabis is legal for adult use, but that doesn’t mean you can take cannabis through customs of an international border. Don’t even think about it—because officials from both sides say they won’t tolerate it and it can still get you into serious trouble.

Canada is opening their border to vaccinated American travelers beginning on August 9, but despite cannabis being legal for adult use in New York state and Canada, it’s still illegal to take it between the two countries. It’s the same story in ports of entry in Washington state, Michigan, Maine and other areas.

Travelers must have received their vaccine at least 14 days before arriving at the border. Next, they must provide all COVID-19 related information electronically through the ArriveCAN app or web portal. Finally, travelers must have physical proof of vaccination (i.e. a paper card) to present at the border.

Canada has a Border Problem

It’s easy to forget a passport, or even worse, forget that you have weed in the car when there isn’t much time to turn the car around. But if you get caught with weed, you will almost certainly be denied entry to the U.S., regardless

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