Walk through the aisles of any grocery store, and it’s evident. How a product is branded and packaged can affect sales and protect consumers. Similarly, the packaging for marijuana products matters. It should be designed to keep users safe, informed, and of course, buying. But unlike Frosted Flakes or Pepperidge Farm cookies, cannabis packaging isn’t controlled by the cannabis retailers or manufacturers in Canada. Instead, Health Canada has set rules and regulations around how legal weed must be packaged for sale.

The organization has set forth reasonable guidelines for mandating tamper-resistant and child-resistant containers. These containers also keep the product dry, and have seals to prevent contamination. However, even though Health Canada has issued these essential standards for packaging, provinces and licensed producers determine how they will adhere to them. Like buying weed itself, packaging regulations vary from province to province.

The regulations seek to protect consumers. But many who have purchased cannabis in Canada since federal legalization took effect on October 17 find the amount of packaging excessive for their freshly legal product.

Protections for Cannabis Consumers

Health Canada issued detailed regulations for the packaging of products. In fact, the organization even standardized the font from label to label. While labels

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