Only four months ago, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational weed. Though the act passed slowly after two years of debate, this change for Canada means a new economy bolstered by marijuana. The Cannabis Act grants anyone over the age of 18 the right to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to four plants. And though this new bill still has its issues, the change has put forth new regulations for how Canadians can travel with their legal weed from province to province. This means as of October 17, when marijuana will be officially legal across The Great White North, Canadians will be allowed to fly with up to 30 grams of cannabis.

Imagining 30 Grams

30 grams of marijuana may be tough for the average consumer to imagine. It depends on the density of the bud and if it has already been rolled or ground. But bring to mind two outstretched hands and then use the imagination to fill it with loose buds. For flower, that’s essentially what travelers can stow away in their luggage for inter-province travels. This amount seems surprisingly lenient, considering the legal state of cannabis elsewhere. 

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