ST LOUIS, MISSOURI – Cannabis Care Team and Sunrise Cannabis have partnered to complete Cannabis Care Team dispensary staff training for each of their 5 locations in MIssouri, including St Louis, Maryville, Clinton, Macon, and Kansas City.  Their dispensary teams complete 40 hours of training, including the evidence-based CCT modules How to Explain the Endocannabinoid System to Customers, Managing Symptoms with an Effective Plan that Utilizes both Short and Long Acting Methods of Delivery, and How to Avoid Giving Medical Advice. 

Sunrise’s St Louis staff includes a number of employees previously on unemployment and the location is in an older neighborhood in the city’s footprint and is just around the corner from the mighty Mississippi River.  This license group is a vertically integrated company with a patient centered focus, making them a perfect partner for CCT’s patient centered Education Before Medication mantra.  Their St Louis location’s grand opening will take place on Friday, August 27 at noon.     

Sunrise CEO Richard Gunnels is a Missouri farmer whose family has been cultivating in Macon for over a century and has plans to positively impact Missouri’s MJ program in the communities in which they operate.  

CCT’s training incorporates their nursing experience and

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