Next week’s elections have the potential to make some serious changes and reforms for cannabis and even psychedelics. In this post, I’ll examine some of the bigger-ticket items to watch.

The Presidency: Probably the most impactful thing for the cannabis industry is the presidency. I wrote a post last week about how federal law is unlikely to change with the current administration. We did, after all, give Trump a D+ on his record for cannabis. While Biden himself only scored slightly better by our rankings, he has since added Kamala Harris to his ticket, and Harris has a better track record and Canna Law Blog ranking on cannabis. On the balance, we think a Harris/Biden ticket will go a lot further with respect to cannabis legalization than a Trump/Pence reboot.

Congressional Races: There are a number of hotly contested races across the United States and Democrats seem to have serious chances in many conservative states. Just a few days ago, Chuck Schumer noted that if Democrats retake the Senate, cannabis legalization will be a priority. We think that blue wave in Congress will move the ball towards federal legalization significantly further.

Arizona: Medical cannabis is already legal in Arizona.

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