There’s perhaps no greater pleasure in life than waving the white flag to an overwhelming case of the munchies. You accept defeat, you hit the kitchen like a swarm of starving locusts and you leave nothing behind but crumbs. It’s the kind of satisfaction you wish you could bottle and carry with you at all times.

That is, until you wake up the next morning feeling the shame of a thousand sins.

If the munchies make an appearance on an infrequent basis, it wouldn’t be such a problem. Instead, they’re part and parcel of the everyday existence of millions of stoners worldwide. The more often you get baked, the more likely you are to completely lose control and wreak havoc with your body. Enjoyable at the time, but a wee bit risky as a long-term lifestyle.

But why is it that cannabis brings on the kind of insatiable hunger you simply can’t ignore? Or more importantly, is there really anything that can be done to control the munchies when they set in?

Why Marijuana Makes You Hungry

It wasn’t until relatively recently that a scientific explanation was found as to why cannabis creates such an enormous appetite. Unsurprisingly, it’s

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