Cannabis oil could treat epilepsy: Landmark study reveals it can reduce the severity of fits by more than 40 per centCannabis oil (CBD) has been used to treat a serious form of epilepsy  Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is a rare type of epilepsy that causes severe seizuresThe clinical trial involved a new experimental drug, called EpidiolexPatients treated with the new drug saw more than a 40 per cent drop in the frequency of their seizures

Cannabis oil could be used to treat the rarest and most severe forms of epilepsy. 

Known as CBD, the chemical has been incorporated within a new drug, called Epidiolex. 

In early trials, the experimental drug was given to sufferers of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a form of epilepsy which triggers severe seizures. 

Patients treated with the cannabis-derived compound experienced a 41.9 per cent reduction in ‘drop seizures’—a type of fit that results in severe loss of muscle control and balance.

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Cannabis oil could be used to treat the rarest and most severe forms of epilepsy. Known as CBD, the chemical does not produce a ‘high’ and has been incorporated with a new drug, called Epidiolex that can help treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (stock image)

Cannabis oil has previously been reported to help people with epilepsy, rheumatism, migraines, psoriasis, acne, multiple sclerosis and depression.

Crucially, cannabidiol oil does not contain any THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. In other words, CBD does not get you high.  

In the latest study researchers looked at patients who suffer from Lennox-Gastaut, a severe form of epilepsy which causes extreme seizures and significant mental disability.

There are currently six medications approved to treat this condition but patients are often still struck down with extreme bouts of fitting. 

This study,

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