One of Colorado's worst Superfund sites has been fixed, but the state's on the hook for $2M a year to keep it clean – The Denver Post

SUMMITVILLE — After 27 years of EPA control, Colorado is preparing to take over the full financial burden — a forever bill for $2 million a year — of a…
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Denver rent “buy-down” program that will subsidize market-rate apartments receives green light from council – The Denver Post

The Denver City Council signed off Monday on an unusual pilot program that will “buy down” the rent for 125 households so that they can afford to live in market-rate…
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Colorado oil and gas ballot initiative would bar extraction on more than 80 percent of non-federal land, state … – The Denver Post

More than 4 of every 5 acres of non-federal land in Colorado would be off-limits to new oil and gas drilling if voters this fall approve a proposed ballot measure…
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