As cannabis companies become industry giants with each passing toke, it’s no question that they’re impacting the environment with energy use. For this reason, members of the pot trade are throwing a benefit for the Colorado Carbon Fund, pushing for sustainable practices in the industry at this year’s first Annual Green Industry Affair.

The electricity used to power warehouse cannabis cultivations in Denver nearly tripled from 2013 to 2016, according to the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment, accounting for nearly 4 percent of the city’s overall energy use. Olivia Mannix, founder of Canna Brand media relations and sponsor of the Green Industry Affair, hopes the benefit will get people motivated to decrease the pot industry’s share of energy use. The event’s raffle giveaways and ticket sales all benefit the Colorado Carbon Fund, the watchdogs of our state’s Carbon footprint.

“I think cannabis consumption is a healthy way of life, and so is being outdoors,” Mannix explains. “And this benefit is really a progressive, positive thing for the community and the environment. It’s really juxtaposing and bridging the gap between the cannabis industry and the mainstream industries, because we still have stigmas.”

The benefit will be held at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom on Tuesday, July 24, featuring BoomBox as the night’s musical entertainment; Hunter Lovins, Time magazine’s Hero of the Planet in 2000 for her work in resource sustainability, will also be in attendance for an educational talk about environmental business practices. Event sponsors such as Osprey, Zeal Optics, Be Hippy and Lightshade will give away merchandise and participate in product raffles.

“We are hoping that people who come to the benefit will also come as consumers who make smart choices about which dispensaries they patronize, and choose the ones that are environmentally sustainable,” says Lightshade vice president of marketing Shannon

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