The Chico City Council met on Nov. 2 to discuss a controversial topic within the community: cannabis dispensaries. 

Four cannabis dispensary businesses: Ashe Chico LLC, Authentic Chico LLC, Grupo Flor and Velvet Chico were present that evening to appeal denials of their applications to open storefronts. Only Velvet Chico’s application was approved, the three other dispensaries denied.

“Before we start, please refrain from any applause or booing,” Mayor Andrew Coolidge asked the gathered crowd. “If you have a sign, please stand at the back of the hall.”

City Attorney Vincent Ewing spoke to the City Council to provide context and important information found by staff before each appealent.

Ewing said each case presented that night was too close to “Sensitive Use” locations. These businesses are defined as such because they primarily cater to children as a “Youth Center.”

All four applicants had been denied because they were determined to be less than 600 feet from “sensitive use” locations.

First to make their appeal was Ashe Chico, represented for by their attorney Tin Westen. The proposed storefront for Ashe Chico was found to be within 300 feet of Chico Creek Dance Centre, determined by staff as a “Sensitive Use” location because

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