The Porterville City Council will begin the process of establishing a “wholly-locally owned” cannabis dispensary at its next meeting.

The council will also begin the process of the redistricting of the five districts in which the councilmembers represent at its next meeting, which will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The council will consider the request for proposal, RFP, process at its Tuesday meeting.

The Cannabid Ad Hoc Committee met on September 13, October 4, November 4 and November 29 to discuss the development ofa wholly locally owned cannabis dispensary. The committee defined “wholly-locally owned” as “an owner who currently resides and/or owns a business within Porterville’s Urban Area Boundary. The committee added the owner must have resided or owned a business in Porterville for at least three years.

The committee added “IF the applicant is an entity other than an individual, each and very member of the entity must meet the definition of local.”

That was an issue with the granting of the permits of the first two cannabis dispensaries, which have local owners, but also have ownership based in Southern California.

With the direction of the council, city staff can develop a draft RFP for a wholly locally owned cannabis dispensary and

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