DENVER – A Colorado health official wants to ban many edible forms of marijuana, including brownies, cookies and most candies.

Jeff Lawrence of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has recommended retail marijuana edibles be limited to lozenges and tinctures (also known as liquid drops.)

It’s one of dozens being considered by a 22-member group meeting to develop new marijuana regulations for Colorado. The recommendation comes just days after Denver Police warned parents that trick-or-treaters should be careful about their children eating pot candy given out by strangers.

“To allow the production of retail marijuana edibles that are naturally attractive to children is counter to the Amendment 64 requirement to prevent the marketing of marijuana products to children,” the recommendation reads. “The intent of the Amendment and subsequent laws and rules was to decriminalize the use of retail marijuana, not to encourage market expansion within the marijuana edibles industry that subsequently create potential consumer confusion or mixed messages to children.”

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State lawmakers earlier in 2014 ordered regulators to develop new rules about edibles after a spike in hospitalizations of children who accidentally ate marijuana-infused foods.

The recommendation was obtained by 9NEWS in advance of a third, and possibly final, workgroup meeting Monday on identifiable markers or colors for edible marijuana products so they won’t be confused with regular foods.

“By limiting the scope of allowable retail marijuana edibles to products that are not easily confused with ubiquitous food products, this recommendation creates a more defensible and transparent regulatory framework,” …read more