When a Colorado Springs arts center went looking for a sponsor for its parody of the cult classic, “Reefer Madness,” it skipped the usual suspects and headed straight for the marijuana industry.
Strawberry Fields, a medical marijuana dispensary, gave the arts group $2,000 in exchange for having its name and logo printed on the show’s promotional material, reports Stephanie Wolf, a reporter for Colorado Public Radio.
Wolf reports on how arts groups are turning to the state’s marijuana industry as potential underwriters. The Colorado Symphony last year held a series of pot-friendly shows.
Not everyone is pleased.
When Denver arts patron and mother of two Kirsten Barnard heard about the symphony’s pot concerts, she immediately sent the organization an angry email.
“It’s normalizing marijuana to a whole new audience, especially of young people,” Barnard says. “The arts are just such a beautiful and amazing sort of natural high. So they really don’t need to do that.” 
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— Noelle Crombie

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