Tyler Bozak to the Colorado Avalanche. This has been a ‘rumor’ that has been floating around almost as long as he has been in the NHL – to the point that Avs fans have a running joke about the Maple Leafs trading Tyler Bozak + a second round pick for X good player.

Now, with Bozak on the brink of becoming a free agent, he is actually available and word is that the Colorado Avalanche are one of the teams interested in bringing in the 32-year old center.

The University of Denver product has spent his entire 9-year NHL career playing for the Maple Leafs. As a first line center on a really bad roster, Bozak became associated with the darkness that was the Burke-Nonis era in Toronto. Now, nearing his mid-30s, Bozak has spent the last few seasons filling a third line role and is ready to move on from the only professional organization he’s ever known.

Over the weekend, it was reported that the Avs are one of 10 teams that are interested in the veteran center. But should they be?

Probably not.

Bozak is a decent playmaking center that can win a few faceoffs and play both powerplay and penalty kill when needed. That said, for those of us that have watched him on a regular basis over the past few years, it’s very obvious that Tyler Bozak has lost a step. He was never an elite speedster, and he’s become a little slower. It’s not to the point that his skating is a hindrance, it just doesn’t allow him to be as effective as he once was.

On a team like the Avalanche that is built on youth and speed, I just don’t know how Bozak would fit into the system.

Bozak actually had decent numbers

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