The race to succeed two-term Gov. John Hickenlooper is the top item In the Centennial State’s midterm primary today. Colorado has an open primary pursuant to a 2016 voter initiative —which means anyone is free to vote, regardless of party affiliation. And leading the Democratic field by a healthy 13 points is Jared Polis.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law’s political action committee, NORML PAC, has endorsed Polis, as Denver’s alternative news site Westword reports. Even the New York Times notes that Polis has won the support of “Colorado’s New Single-Issue Voters: The Cannabis Community.”

Polis has placed his Denver campaign headquarters on South Broadway, right before the street’s “Green Mile” of cannabis dispensaries, Westword also notes. Earlier this month, that’s where he announced he wanted to give a “Colorado welcome” to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who just flew into town to speak at the Western Conservative Summit. The Denver Post reported that Polis headlined at the rally against the conservative confab on June 8 — another case of the usual party positions on “states’ rights” being ironically reversed where cannabis is concerned.

Westword quotes Polis promising that if elected, he’ll fight back against Trump, Sessions and “anyone else who seeks to intervene in state law.”

In truth, Polis is by no means a single-issue candidate, even if he’s refreshingly forthright on cannabis. His campaign is also advocating universal Medicare, a statewide transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040, and free pre-K and kindergarten for all. He’s been a ground-breaker in several ways. He was the first openly gay parent in Congress and supported legal cannabis and marriage equality well before it was cool.

And Polis boasts: “It’s a people-powered campaign. Other candidates have billionaire friends funding them, corporate friends funding them. In my case, if I have the opportunity to serve as governor, I won’t owe it to anyone except the

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