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9 a.m. MDT March 8, 2015HONG KONG – SEPTEMBER 04: Wall clocks are displayed on the Zhang Zhou Guoda Trading Co Limited stand at the Hong Kong Watch And Clock Fair on September 4, 2013 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong.(Photo: Jessica Hromas, Getty Images)DENVER – Sean Johnson is not the fan of the time changes that come with Daylight Saving Time. Which is why for the next couple of months, the self-appointed “time fighter’ is on a mission to make Daylight Saving Time permanent. And he’s hoping to gather enough signatures to have a measure put on the November ballot.Johnson says he started the petition because the annual switching of the clocks does nothing but hurt Coloradans.According to the Better Sleep Council, 39 percent of Americans are in a worse mood following the time change. And 74 percent feel the increase in sleepiness affects their work. And 79 percent say they have difficulty concentrating. Traffic and machine accidents are also said to increase on the Monday following the leap forward.And it’s reason like those that have hundreds of residents signing Johnson’s petition. Joshua Caucett, a pedi-cab driver says: “It’s an inconvenience, I do like the extra hour of sleep in the fall, but then it’s worse to miss an hour on a night like tonight…so to be able to get those extra hours in the evening would be significant.”To get a measure on the ballot Johnson needs 98,000 signatures from registered Colorado voters. He says he’s hoping to get 108,000, but admits that will take more time.”I think people will wake up Monday and realize how terrible time changes are they’re going to feel tired, they’re going to feel like they don’t want to be at work they’re going to feel like ‘oh my gosh I just got in a wreck,'” he said.Johnson doesn’t know the complete total of signatures he’s gotten so far, but says he has roughly 100 volunteers out collecting for him.Petition: © 2015 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)Read or Share this story: – Click Here To Visit Article Source