The in-state rivalry between Colorado and Colorado State could very well be coming to a close. This is one of the realities of power conferences flexing some extra muscle to generate revenue every way possible, sometimes hurting the non-power conference programs in the process. Simply put, Colorado wants to find ways to generate more revenue and a series of neutral site games and an extended series with Colorado State limits what the once-proud Buffalos are able to do.
This is why Colorado has already taken some measures to help make an extra buck in light of recent developments about the fate of the rivalry’s future.
When Colorado State refused to budge on Colorado’s push to relocate some of the scheduled meetings in Denver, Colorado started putting together a  plan to allow fans with tickets to the Denver game a chance to exchange those tickets for tickets to a home game in Boulder, according to this column from Essentially, fans that have purchased a ticket to the Colorado State game now have a chance to score a free ticket for a game against a team like Oregon, Arizona, USC or Stanford. Or, if tickets run out, Colorado fans can still be lucky enough to grab a seat for the big Nicholls State game. This may not help boost actual revenue from ticket sales, but it will help give a bump to home attendance for Colorado at Folsom Field, which in turn could lead to more concessions revenue and perhaps a few extra souvenirs sold on the way out. Every penny counts, right?
While Colorado can do just fine by adding an extra home game, Colorado State is forced to evaluate other options to make up for the loss in revenue typically budgeted from the in-state rivalry. While critics will take aim at Colorado for seemingly wiggling out of the series, it is not Colorado’s responsibility to ensure Colorado State’s fiscal stability, just as it is never the responsibility of an FBS program to assure an FCS program’s financial stability.
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