The 2018 MLB draft has been completed and the prospects who have signed on the dotted line are unlikely to be joined by any others in the draft class. In addition, the calendar has turned into July and the Rockies have begun to sign a new class of international free agents. Short season play is now under way and the All-Star break is right around the corner.

You know what that means, Purple Row community: It’s once again time to vote on your top 30 Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs)! And you can do it in the comment section of this thread.

For your reference, here is the pre-season 2018 list.

The rules are pretty simple:

Your list must be at least 30 players long – partial ballots will not be counted. If you’re having trouble filling out your list, check out great resources like, FanGraphs, and Baseball Reference to find any stats you might need. Only the top 30 names will be counted on the ballot; if the same player is listed multiple times on the ballot, the player ranked 31st (if applicable) will be moved up to fill the list. Same if one of the players on your ballot is traded or released between your post and polling ending. To reiterate: if there aren’t at least 30 distinct players on the list, the ballot won’t be counted. For that reason, it is encouraged that you list more than 30 players in case of a duplicate listing or a player move. Feel free to give a rationale about the placement of each prospect, but you aren’t required to do so by any means. Voting will be open from now until the end of Monday, July 16th. Once I tabulate the results, I will reveal the list a few at

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