Five questions that you should keep in mind as Rockies spring training progresses.
Colorado Rockies pitchers and catchers officially reported to Salt River Fields on Thursday and the team’s position players aren’t far behind. You can almost literally smell baseball in the air. What does baseball smell like? I don’t know; ask Jeff Samardzija.
Anyway, the Rockies — not unlike most other teams in baseball, despite their quiet offseason — have a lot of interesting things to watch during Cactus League play and the couple of weeks leading into it. Promising young players are on the brink of being big league contributors, injured stars are returning to action and, oh yeah, the Rockies have a new general manager.

Simply because of that last point alone, this spring training will be like few others in franchise history. Here are some of the other things to keep an eye on.
Will Eddie Butler and Jon Gray earn rotation spots?
In a word, doubtful. But that doesn’t make the spotlight on the duo any dimmer. Last spring training spawned the first signs that these guys are actually human. Unfortunately, those signs continued to emerge throughout the season. But both are a year older and a year wiser, and in talking to people numerous around the team, there’s little doubt that each player learned very valuable lessons from a bumpy 2014.
Still, even blowing the doors off of the Cactus League shouldn’t result in either Butler or Gray starting the regular season in the big leagues. Both pitchers need further development time to harness their impressive arsenals, and short of something catastrophic like more than two or three rotation members being unable to start the year due to injury, Butler and Gray will likely receive that necessary seasoning.
Can Wilin Rosario play first base (and if he can, will the Rockies properly utilize him)?
One thing is for sure: Rosario can’t catch in the big leagues. He and the Rockies made a valiant effort to make that work, but it’s just not happening. The team is on to something, though, with their idea to get him some at-bats even if it means playing in first base or right field, positions at which he won’t be a burden on the development of other players like he might be if he remains behind the plate. It isn’t always going to be pretty watching him field those positions, … – Click Here To Visit Article Source