(Connect for Health Colorado)Health insurance policies that don’t meet Affordable Care Act requirements can’t continue into 2016, the Colorado Division of Insurance announced Friday.Almost 190,000 people will have their individual or small-group plans terminated at the end of this year.”It’s time for them to get on to a better plan,” Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar said. “And this will help the exchange. I think with their grant money running out, it’s important to have more people in the exchange to give (it) more income.”The move by Gov. John Hickenlooper’s administration drew angry responses from Republicans.”I am utterly appalled by this announcement,” said U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in a statement. “After all of the glitches, the increased costs and premiums, and the plan cancellations that Coloradans have already endured, the idea that the Division of Insurance would choose to cancel the healthcare plans of hundreds of thousands more people is unconscionable.”Garner said Colorado should have allowed holders of these noncompliant policies to keep them for at least another year beyond 2015.A year ago President Barack Obama allowed an extension of health plans not meeting the minimum coverage standards of the act beyond the first 2013-14 open-enrollment period. He gave states authority to decide how long consumers and carriers could continue with noncompliant plans.In May, Salazar announced the division would allow noncompliant plans to continue here through at least Dec. 31 of this year to give consumers time to adjust to health care reforms. Salazar says they’ve now had time, and an extension through 2016 isn’t going to happen. “Last year it was a hard decision because we really wanted people to have access to ACA-compliant plans because they are a better product,” Salazar said. “But I heard from so many people that they needed more time.”State Senate President Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, said the cancellations add to the ranks of “ObamaCare orphans.””I think it’s sad when the insurance commissioner celebrates the day when 190,000 Coloradans lose their insurance because she sees dollar signs for a flailing state insurance exchange,” said state Rep. Dan Nordberg, R-Colorado Springs.ObamaCare’s … – Click Here To Visit Article Source