Hemp 2aMaryJNews – Colorado is seeking federal permission to grow cannabis. The state recently made the plea to federal authorities for the permission for state colleges grow pot.

A letter sent last month from the state attorney general’s office requested federal health and education officials for the approval for Colorado’s universities to “obtain marijuana from non-federal government sources” for research purposes.

Since 1968, the only legal place to grow marijuana in the United States has been the University of Mississippi’s National Center for Natural Products Research. This has been the go to for approved researchers that receive the legally grown marijuana from the 12 acre cultivation plot. This is the only place designated by the international treaty that the United States signed.

The recent letter from the state does not specify how the colleges will obtain the marijuana for study, however there is no shortage of homegrown growing facilities throughout the state. The bases for the request being:

“Current research is riddled with bias or insufficiencies and often conflict with one another,” wrote by deputy attorney general David Blake. “It is critical that we be allowed to fill the void of scientific research, and this may only be done with your assistance and cooperation.”

While marijuana is now legal in Colorado under state law, it remains illegal under federal law. Receiving permission to conduct research on cannabis will require the approval of multiple federal agencies along with strict requirements on how marijuana has to be handled and stored.

“We need the support of our federal partners to overcome the inertia that continues to complicate state efforts in this area,” is stated in the letter.

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