ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — With the Broncos leaving for New York tomorrow, Denver’s coordinators broke down some of their own team’s stars and the Rex Ryan-led Jets.


Based on their and Chris Harris Jr. were each less than 10 months removed from major knee surgery.

Miller harrassed Cardinals QBs Drew Stanton and Logan Thomas for two sacks and three additional hits while picking up two tackles for loss, after what he said was one of his best weeks of practice of his career.

“I think he’s just gotten in better shape, he’s recovered from a pretty significant injury and I think each day back, each week back adds to the explosiveness and the strength and his timing and all those things,” Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio said of Miller. “He’s getting better and better as the year goes on.”

Not to be left out, Harris might have been the Broncos’ best defensive player on Sunday. He saw seven passes thrown his way and didn’t allow a catch, recording three passes defensed (he now has eight through four games) and nearly nabbing an interception or two.

“Chris is just so competitive,” Del Rio said. “He’s wired in. It’s very important to him.”

“He’s ultra-competitive in everything he does and part of that is preparation. He really understands what’s coming, formations and splits, receiver locations, what they do with different guys—he’s all over it. He’s working hard at that part and that helps him perform on the field.”


DeMarcus Ware has made a huge impact on the field so far this season, but he’s had an equal effect in the locker room as well, evidenced in part by being voted by his teammates one of two defensive captains.

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