Published: Mar 13, 2015, 5:28 pm By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff The creative folks at cost-estimating website Fixr had a clever idea: What costs are all of the states obsessed with? What products and services are we contemplating from a monetary perspective, state by state? What costs are people curious about in Alaska, Wisconsin, Florida and California?
So Fixr conducted an experiment via Google searches and utilized the search engine’s popular auto-fill to determine what kinds of costs people search the Internet for. And the results, while thoroughly unscientific, make for a fun few minutes.
In Montana, the cost of fishing licenses were a popular search. In Arizona, the cost of a vasectomy. In Florida, the price of an abortion.
And in Colorado? You know where this is going.
( ever-popular weed prices. Sure enough, there’s good reason to keep searching those prices. The price of a recreational eighth of marijuana flower at a dozen prominent Colorado pot shops from January 2014 ($53.88) to December 2014 ($48.95) dropped by 9 percent, according to Denver Post data.
And now, the whole U.S. map:
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