According to the News Times, the Bethel based medicinal marijuana dispensary company D & B Wellness has plans to expand into Danbury, CT.

Now that the company is discussing their expansion into a Danbury location that used to be a bank, the question keeps coming up, will there be a drive-thru?

Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo joined the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95 Thursday (5/6/21) morning and we asked him about the idea. It’s important to note that we jumped around and also had talks about recreational marijuana in the Hat City. We didn’t do that because we are confused, we did it because we are grown-ups and we all know it’s an eventuality. We started by asking Cavo what he thought of the drive-thru, he replied:

“So, I don’t really know what the difference is if you are walking into a dispensary or if you are driving up to a dispensary. Same thing like, going to get a burger, you either walk in the store or you drive up and get it. I don’t know that I can really weigh in on that, you know one way or the other. You know on first blush, I don’t really see you know if it’s

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