The Daze is accepting custom dispensary listings FREE to the first 10 dispensaries that participate.

Custom Listings Include:

  • Your Logo
  • A Photo Of Your Street View
  • Additional Promo Pics
  • Map
  • Business Description
  • Rec and/or Med
  • Budtender’s Choice Strain
  • Commonly Stocked Strains
  • Ability To Participate In The Exclusive Daze-Off Discounts Club (Highly Recommended – Increased Exposure)
  • List of Other Items For Sale (THC Products, Edibles, Pipes, Vapes, T-Shirts, etc…)
  • Address – Phone – Days/Hours of Operation
  • Come Back 24/7 & Make Changes To Your Listing As Needed

Check-Out Our Sample Listing

After we’re out of BETA, we will close new custom listings to paying dispensaries only.

Act Now & Get In For FREE.

All fields required unless otherwise noted.

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