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Dear Denver Nuggets,I’m sorry, but I think I’m done. For more than twenty years, I’ve stuck by your side and defended you through the thick and, mainly, thin, but I just can’t do it anymore. But before you call me a fair-weather fan, let me remind you about all the times you held me up with the promise of success before cutting the strings and allowing me to crash back down to the earth. Remember that 1997-1998 team? Wow, what a stinker! Your 11-71, record made that season, statistically, the fourth worst NBA season of all time and the worst in franchise history. I was a junior in high school then and still wore my LaPhonso Ellis jersey with pride. Back then, I always hoped it would get better someday. But now, I’m just not so sure. On Monday, you lost by 28 points to the subpar Brooklyn Nets. At 20-36, you may be world’s better than the lowly 1998 team, but where there was once hope and promise, now I only see a swirling, black vortex sucking the soul and life out of a once powerful franchise.

Cub Scouts trip to the Nuggets Game. That’s a lot of empty seats behind me.
Dave Thomas

My love affair with you and NBA basketball started around the 1990-1991 season. That’s when my dad purchased tickets to two Nuggets games: one against the Los Angeles Lakers and the other against the Chicago Bulls. He also bought matching hats to wear to each corresponding game. I remember being overwhelmed with excitement knowing I would be in the same building as Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. Legends! At the time, those were the only two basketball players I knew, but during those first two games, I started to wonder who these other guys were? What was up with the Nuggets? Michael Adams seemed pretty cool. I liked the way Chris Jackson twitched every time he hit a three. Scott Hastings never played but seemed to make everyone laugh. I liked these guys. That year, under coach Paul … – Click Here To Visit Article Source