Poor management at the Denver Sheriff Department has harmed the city’s reputation, put deputies and inmates at risk and wasted taxpayer’s money, Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher reported Thursday as he released a scathing 75-page report on the agency.Gallagher blamed a lack of oversight in the Department of Safety, understaffing inside the jails and poor data and record keeping.His audit committee demanded the department adopt a sense of urgency to correct problems that have been identified.”I don’t feel it,” Jeff Hart, a committee member, said about the need for urgency. “I don’t see it. I think there needs to be a SWAT team response to this problem.”If I sound like I’m losing my patience, I feel like I’m reflecting the people this audit committee represents.”Stephanie O’Malley, the public safety executive director who took office in January 2014, said she understood the concerns. But she also cautioned against rushing to make changes before two outside consulting firms finish their work later this spring.”We’ll continue to work hard,” O’Malley said. “This is a situation in our mind’s eye that is urgent.”The sheriff’s department has undergone intense scrutiny in the past year after a series of excessive force cases that have embarrassed city officials, cost millions in legal payouts and lawyers’ fees, and caused the resignation of a sheriff.That has led to at least a half dozen inspections, audits and reviews, including a major report due later this spring from Hillard Heintze and OIR Group, two outside consulting firms hired for nearly $300,000. But those various reports did not stop Gallagher from adding his input.Throughout the report, auditors slammed the department’s poor record-keeping. “If you don’t have good reliable data, you can’t perform simple, root-cause analysis,” Gallagher said. “We had several rough spots where we didn’t get information we asked for and then we realized they didn’t have the information in the first place.”Auditors found deputies and supervisors were slack in completing reports, including their Taser usage reports. That created an appearance that the department under-reports its use of force incidents and creates a liability for … – Click Here To Visit Article Source