Courtesy of here’s a broadcast map for the Broncos/Jets Week 6 game at MetLife Stadium. It’s an early game this week (insert Geno Smith time change joke here). If you’re in the RED you get the game. Kickoff is 11am MT.

Thanks to we can take a look and see if your Sunday will involve a trip to a friend’s house and/or sports bar that has DIRECTV or if you can see the Broncos game from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re in the RED (or live in Hawaii or Alaska) you will get the Broncos @ Jets game on CBS. Kickoff is at 11:00AM MT and the commentators are Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts.

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Wednesday Broncos-Jets injury report.

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If you’re in the BLUE you get the Pittsburgh @ Cleveland game. YELLOW gets Baltimore @ Tampa Bay. PURPLE gets Jacksonville @ Tennessee. GREEN is San Diego @ Oakland (LATE) Yuck.

Sunday is the Broncos first trip back to MetLife Stadium since the Super Bowl. It’s also the first time the Broncos will see Eric Decker on an opposing team (if he plays that is). My guess is that it won’t be a big deal to go back to the scene of the Super Bowl since it’s a new season and a regular season game at that. If anything I think it will give the Broncos a bit more motivation.

I know Decker said some stuff about hoping the Broncos lose awhile back but I’m guessing there will be a lot of friendly conversations before and after the game between the Broncos and Decker. Decker got a big contract and the NY media, we got Emmanuel Sanders. I think …read more