Denver police have fired one of its own for excessive force after the officer violently stripped a detained woman of her belt and shoes.

The startling jail footage of Officer James Medina holding down a combative and screaming woman, who refused to remove her belt and shoes, resulted in his termination last week.

He should have asked a female cop to help him instead of wrestling her on the holding cell bench while repeatedly ordering the victim to “not bite” him, according to disclipinary records obtained by the Denver Post.

The struggle left both Medina, a 15-year veteran of the department, and Seryina Trujillo breathless as he removed articles of clothing that can be used to attempt suicide while in custody.

Trujillo appears to go unconscious, falling limp to the cell floor before stirring several seconds later, video shows.

Medina says he pinned her neck with his knee, but Trujillo never passed out, the Denver Post wrote.

The department’s ruling states Medina put the woman at “great and unnecessary risk of serious bodily injury or death.”

The video shows Trujillo badgering Medina about the charges of assault, interference and resisting an officer against her seconds before the violent encounter on July 10, 2014.

She and her boyfriend had been arrested after interfering with firefighters helping a drunk man outside a fast food restaurant. She allegedly spit on an officer and then kicked Medina in the face while being put into a police cruiser, the Denver Post reported.

The department’s report shows Medina failed to disclose the incident in an excessive force report and did not seek medical attention for Trujillo.

Medina, who faced nine prior disciplinary actions,” is appealing the decision.

Denver police officials have said he was “disciplined accordingly.” “);

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