DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Police Fugitive Unit has arrested the Denver man who drove into four police officers, severely injuring one of them, while the officers were escorting hundreds of East High School students who were marching down East Colfax Avenue for a protest.
Officer John Adsit’s bicycle (credit: CBS)
Christopher Booker, 42, is being held for investigation for assault in the first degree, vehicular assault, attempt to influence a public servant and forgery — all felonies.Christopher Booker (credit: CBS)
Police officer John Adsit is recovering at home after multiple surgeries. (READ MORE: Officer Adsit Returns Home From Hospital)
John Adsit leaves the hospital (credit: CBS)
After the accident Booker told CBS4 that he didn’t remember the accident because he suffered from a seizure.
Denver police say Booker is currently in custody. According to the arrest affidavit Booker lied on multiple accounts about his medical condition in order to get his driver’s license and shouldn’t have been driving. Officers said the investigation took a long time because they had to search through many medical and DMV records.
Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey at Wednesday’s new conference (credit: CBS)
“We wanted to make sure that we combed through every medical record that we could get to get this filing correct, or make this filing at all,” Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey said at a news conference.
VIDEO: News Conference: Driver Who Critically Injured Officer Adsit Arrested
Booker said he had a seizure and said the first time he learned about his accident at East Colfax Avenue and High Street was when a police officer gave him the “evil eye” in the hospital. He said he asked a nurse why that officer was looking at him, and the nurse, he said, told him, “You hurt one of his buddies.”
The black Mercedes driven by Christopher Booker that struck four Denver Police officers (credit: CBS)
Booker said his seizure was the fourth he’s suffered in recent years — but he’s never had one behind the wheel of a car before. He also explained that with seizures a body … – Click Here To Visit Article Source